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Breaking Barriers, Opening Minds Finding Solutions to Overcome Prejudice, Discrimination, and Ignorance in the 21st Century

Daisy Khan inspires audiences to engage in transformative thinking and action, guiding them toward peacebuilding, countering extremism, and redefining Muslim women's leadership in the twenty-first century. As a trailblazer Khan uses cutting-edge ideas to address seemingly insurmountable issues and challenges. 

She promotes unity through diversity, develops narratives of peace by creating a counter-momentum to the rise in hateful rhetoric, and shapes 21st-century Muslim women's leadership with a blend of knowledge, passion, and tireless commitment.


About Daisy

Daisy Khan is an award-winning speaker, author, and advocate with a fascinating journey spanning the United States and beyond. Renowned as a bridge builder, she facilitates constructive narratives of harmony in the face of rising enmity and extremism. As the visionary founder of the Women's Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE) her voice rings as a light of reason, guided by an unflinching devotion to women's rights, peacebuilding, and interfaith collaboration.

Her media presence as a seasoned commentator and Op-Ed writer serves to magnify critical dialogues on American Muslims, Islamophobia, and the urgent need to raise women's voices across the political, economic, religious, and social spectrum.


Khan has risen to prominence by using the power of knowledge to envision a world in which unity triumphs over division. She facilitates stimulating conversations that advance narratives of peace in the face of raising waves of hatred.

Her personal motivation, which is firmly entrenched in her faith drives her steadfast commitment to promoting empowerment, and enlightenment across different cultures.

Her influential books include "WISE Up" and "Born with Wings," which explore her path as a contemporary Muslim woman and leader. Among the upcoming publications are "30 Rights of Muslim Women" and "WISE UP- White Supremacy," both of which attempt to challenge harsh discourse on women and polarizing extremist discourse.

She is a skilled public speaker who has spoken at universities, think tanks, schools, business forums, corporations, clubs, and religious institutions and is a frequent commentator on major media sites.


Speaking Topics

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Bridging the Divide: Moving Beyond 'Us vs. Them' in Defeating Extremism"

Few have been as significantly impacted by extremism as Muslims. Daisy Khan emerges as a compelling force uniquely positioned as a credible voice uniting people, especially women across faiths, against this existential threat to peace and prosperity. Through her influential publication WISE Up, Khan helps audiences grasp underlying root causes of extremists' ideologies and dispel prejudices, with a clarion call to 'wise up and rise up.' She empowers her audience, and extends an appeal to White Americans, urging them to learn from the experiences of Muslims in their fight against extremism. This talk is as inspirational as it is practical in giving communities the tools to reject all forms of hate /extremism. Khan's vision extends beyond rhetoric, offering a glimpse into a humanity founded on genuine righteousness and justice.

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Women’s Inner Power: The Red Boxing Gloves

Unveiling the often-overlooked nexus between Islam and women's empowerment, Daisy Khan injects an insightful perspective into the discourse on women's roles in contemporary society. Contrary to prevalent misconceptions, Islam has been a source of inspiration for positive social change for centuries. Khan's unwavering Faith-Based perspective not only lends moral gravitas to the discussion but also articulates a compelling argument: the trajectory of women's leadership, spanning from ancient Biblical times to the Suffragette movement and the contemporary #MeToo era, is inextricably linked to a divine calling, for women to play a pivotal role in creating harmonious and peaceful societies. In this profound narrative, Khan’s journey began with an unexpected catalyst: a pair of shiny red boxing gloves, symbolizing her resilience and determination in the face of societal challenges.

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Harmony in Diversity: The United Faiths of America

In our pursuit of a world characterized by peace and coexistence, Daisy Khan courageously confronts the question that faces humanity today: what kind of world do we want to live in? Khan reveals how growing mistrust, as illustrated by Islamophobia, sets off a vicious cycle of conflict that, if not addressed, will persist for decades. The transforming force of interfaith collaboration, which proclaims the human dignity found in all of God's creations, is at the heart of Khan's answer. For her, the Cross, Crescent, Star, Khanda, Dharma wheel, Om, and Nine-Pointed Star are more than just symbols; they represent peace, tolerance, and the very essence of America - a land where religious freedom not only thrives but also serves as a testament to the country's core values.

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