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Ms. Khan lectures in the U.S. and internationally on numerous topics: Muslim women, Islamophobia, violent extremism, interfaith and religious freedom and immigration. Her audiences are varied, and include prestigious think tanks like CFR, universities, congregations, and women’s and youth groups. No matter whom she addresses, she unequivocally affirms that gender equality, human dignity and pluralism are an intrinsic part of the Islamic faith. Ms. Khan's suggested key note themes are 1) Woman's Story of Empowerment 2) Chain Migration 3) United Faiths of America 4) Defeating Extremism




Women's empowerment is not often associated with Islamic tradition. Daisy Khan adds a refreshing voice to the conversation about women's role in society today. As the founder of WISE (Women's Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality) her faith-based perspective lends moral authority to the argument that a woman's path to leadership - from Biblical times to the Suffragette movement to #meToo - is not only good and just; it is also part of a higher calling to women's unique role in promoting peaceful societies. It's a positive perspective that resonates across diverse opinions, and for Daisy, it all started with a pair of red boxing gloves...


Few issues are as divisive as 'chain migration', which refers to an immigration path to U.S. soil based in part on family ties rather than strictly on the merits of the individual. Daisy Khan deconstructs the arguments on both sides to bring about a constructive conversation on the issue. Herself a product of chain migration, a proud American, she brings a uniquely personal perspective. With a combination of hard data and personal stories, Daisy shows how chain migration has always been part of the American cultural fabric, and if properly managed, will continue to keep our country on the leading edge of innovation, culture and business.



The biggest question that faces humanity today is: what kind of world do we want to live in? Daisy Khan will brilliantly showcase how mounting mistrust, like Islamophobia, contributes to a vicious cycle of conflict that, unless realized, is set to last for generations. She will share stories of how Interfaith collaboration fosters personal bonds that proclaim the human dignity present in all of God's creations so that the Cross, the Crescent, the Star, the Khanda, the Dharma wheel, the Om and the Nine-Pointed Star become symbols of peace, tolerance, and emblem of what America really stands for - Religious Freedom.




No single group has been more affected by terrorism than Muslims. That's why Daisy Khan has become one of the most credible voices rallying moderates, especially women, of all faiths to come together against this existential threat to peace and prosperity. Backed by her new publication WISE Up, she helps us understand root causes, dispel stereotypes, and identify extremist narratives. She empowers her audiences to 'wise up and rise up'. This talk is as inspirational as it is practical in giving communities the tools they need to defeat all forms of hate /extremism and provide a powerful vision of humanity based on what is genuinely righteous, and just.


2nd International Forum on FGM/C in The Gambia: February 2018 

Sarah Lawrence College: February 2018

CUNY: March 2018

East End Temple: March 2018

Council of Foreign Relations: March 2018

New York Foreign Press Center: March 2018  

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom: April 2018

Harvard Kennedy School: April 2018

The Judge Film Screening: April 2018

Little Rock Central High School: April 2018

Arkansas Literary Festival: April 2018

Merrimack College: May 2018

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William and Mary Greve Foundation: May 2018

Sarah Lawrence College.jpg

Sarah Lawrence College: June 2018

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Kashmiri Group of North America: June 2018

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 4.05.08 PM.png

Islamic Society of North America: August 2018

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International Museum of Muslim Cultures: September 2018

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L'Attitude: September 2018

The Abdelkader Education Project.png

The Abdelkader Education Project: September 2018

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 4.49.00 PM.png

The Interfaith Institute of the Islamic Center of Long Island: September 2018

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Al-Khoei Foundation: October 2018

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Vendanta Society of New York: November 2018

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Newground - A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change: November 2018


The Carter Center: March 2017

The Interchurch Center: March 2017


One Spirit Learning Alliance:  June 2017

Vedanta Society of New York: October 2017

Cultural Services of the French Embassy: November 2017


City Club of Cleveland: January 2016



Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: March 2016



Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations: April 2016





Muslim Woman’s Organization of South Florida: April 2016




CUNY Dialogue: April 2016

New York University: April 2016




Left Forum: May 2016




Hedayah, Abu Dhabi: May 2016





Fordham University Conference: June 2016




Chautauqua Institution: July 2016





NEXUS Global Youth Summit, United Nations: July 2016




Jewish Community Center: September 2016





Singapore Center for Excellence on National Security: September 2016





Council of Foreign Relations: October 2016





American Jewish Committee: October 2016



Global Peace Foundation: November 2016





United States Institute of Peace: November 2016





White House Roundtable: November 2016





Kadeem, Turkey: November 2016





American Muslim Women’s Association: November 2016




Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom: December 2016