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Book Tour

Recently, I was blessed to publish my memoir, Born with Wings: The Spiritual Journey of a Modern Muslim Woman (through Random House), which received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly and recently hit the #1 spot on Amazon’s “Women in Islam” List. I write to you today my friends, because a major publisher has invested in telling the story of my spiritual evolution, and I wish to return that investment to my fellow Americans. My memoir is about my spiritual journey of questioning, rejecting, rediscovering, and owning my Islam in the modern context, and how my renewed faith inspired my grassroots and global work in Muslim communities for the last 26 years. Through my book, I want to engage with you and share how to own and reshape our narratives of who we are and what we stand for as Muslims, spiritually empower ourselves on every level, and move forward collectively to bring peace to this fractured world.


Let’s make our conversations around Islam and our own spirituality relevant and honest. As you plan your yearly activities I would like to join you, and am available to:


  1. Do a book reading at your home

  2. Participate in Interfaith forums

  3. Engage with Muslim groups or Mosque events.


To organize an event, please contact me at or call me directly at (212) 870-2550.

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