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Born With Wings Book Coverage

Young Activists Are Done With Loyalty Tests.

The #MosqueMeToo Movement

Talking with Daisy Khan: The author of ‘Born with Wings’ discusses Islam, feminism and her LI childhood

#MosqueMeToo Gives Muslim Women A Voice About Sexual Misconduct At Mecca

‘A Cup of Tea’ with Daisy Khan, Muslim Feminist

WISE activist Daisy Khan takes to the pages to unravel her story in an eye-opening memoir

Daisy Khan, founder of the Women's Islamic Initiative for Spirituality and Equality, writes about educating Muslims to resist the false promises made by ISIS

List Of World’s Top Muslim Women Everyone Should Know

Muslim and feminist, Daisy Khan’s memoir is a powerful account of a woman dealing with religion and women’s rights, faith and FGM, self-actualisation and marriage

Modern Muslim Women Are Born With Wings: Daisy Khan

Tiffany Dufu reveals what's on her nightstand

Daisy Khan interviews with Mayshad Mag

Deccan Herald, Zulfikar Majid, writes about violence in Kashmir & Daisys work against extremism

Islam Is Not Dangerous: This Woman’s True Story Will Give You Hope for the Future

Women's Media Center Live With Robin Morgan - Find Daisy speaking at the 33 minute mark

Author Daisy Khan: “I Welcome Genuine Critics”

For more coverage of Daisy Khan in the media click here.


Foundation For Ethnic Understanding (FFEU)

Muslims Are Speaking Out

Community Center at Ground Zero Controversy

Muslim Women’s Role 

World Fusion

Social Taboos

Women’s E-News

On Heroes

Violent Extremism


Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (2002) 

Unity Productions Foundation

Three Faiths, One God: Judaism, Christianity, Islam (2005)


Inside Mecca (2003)

National Geographic


Photos from Born With Wings

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