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Dear Friends...

Today, I am thrilled, nervous and excited all at once. If I have not thanked you before, I want to do that now. I am pleased that so many of you are personally committed to improving the condition of people around the world, and I am grateful for your friendship and support which have enabled me to be who I am today. Although my memoir, Born with Wings: The Spiritual Journey of a Modern Muslim Woman (out now!) is the culmination of the last two decades of work I have been doing, it is so much more: it is my FULL story of who shaped me, who inspired me, what personal challenges I confronted, and how I was able to resolve them.

The difficult part of writing a memoir is having to share your deepest vulnerabilities with the public, but if I did not do that, it would not be the "REAL" story. I hope you join me in New York at the Strand Brookstore tonight (April 26th) at 7 pm. It's ironic that just a week ago, James Comey spoke at the Strand at the same spot where I will be standing.

I know many of you can't be there so I recorded a podcast for you so you can get a flavor of what is in my book:…/born-with-wings-book-preview-daisy….

If you plan to buy the book, do it TODAY, so you can be among the first to read it. It's available in hard copy, Kindle, or audiobook (in my own voice). I hope you will enjoy the book and please share your thoughts with me or provide your own review on Amazon.

With gratitude,


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